to all abundantly, and he shall receive it. The day after

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"Yes," said Tom, with a twinkle in his eye, "obstinate. He doesn't seem to want something that most men would give their souls for."

to all abundantly, and he shall receive it. The day after

"And why should he dirty himself with politics?" she demanded."In the years I've lived with Hilary Vane I've seen enough of politicians, goodness knows. I never want to see another."

to all abundantly, and he shall receive it. The day after

"If Austen was governor, we'd change some of that. But mind, Euphrasia, this is a secret," said Tom, raising a warning finger."If Austen hears about it now, the jig's up."

to all abundantly, and he shall receive it. The day after

Euphrasia considered and thawed a little.

"They don't often have governors that young, do they?" she asked.

"No," said Tom, forcibly, "they don't. And so far as I know, they haven't had such a governor for years as Austen would make. But he won't push himself. You know, Euphrasia, I have always believed that he will be President some day."

Euphrasia received this somewhat startling prediction complacently. She had no doubt of its accuracy, but the enunciation of it raised young Tom in her estimation, and incidentally brought her nearer her topic.

"Austen ain't himself lately," she remarked.



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