our natures drag us down, and usually the more a man enjoys

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Tom reddened. He still retained for her some of his youthful awe.

our natures drag us down, and usually the more a man enjoys

"I can't do the honours of hospitality as I'd wish to," he went on; "I can't give you anything like the pies you used to give me."

our natures drag us down, and usually the more a man enjoys

"You stole most of 'em," said Euphrasia.

our natures drag us down, and usually the more a man enjoys

"I guess that's so," said young Tom, laughing, "but I'll never taste pies like 'em again as long as I live. Do you know, Euphrasia, there were two reasons why those were the best pies I ever ate?"

"What were they?" she asked, apparently unmoved.

"First," said Tom, "because you made 'em, and second, because they were stolen."

Truly, young Tom had a way with women, had he only been aware of it.

"I never took much stock in stolen things," said Euphrasia.



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