totally unencumbered, about pay for the upkeep of the house

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"Hang it all, Victoria," he exclaimed, "I'm a practical man, and I try to look at this, which is one of the serious things in life, in a practical way."

totally unencumbered, about pay for the upkeep of the house

"One of the serious things," she repeated, as though to herself.

totally unencumbered, about pay for the upkeep of the house

"I merely asked to be sure of the weight you gave it. Go on."

totally unencumbered, about pay for the upkeep of the house

"In a practical way, as I was saying. Long ago I suspected that you had most of those qualities."

"I'm overwhelmed, Humphrey," she cried, with her eyes dancing. "But--do you think I could cultivate the rest?"

"Oh, well," said Mr. Crewe, I put it that way because no woman is perfect, and I dislike superlatives."

"I should think superlatives would be very hard to live with," she reflected. "But--dreadful thought!--suppose I should lack an essential?"

"Love--for instance. But then you did not put it first. It was I who mentioned it, and you who took it for granted."



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