to the world, and that with Christ we are nailed to the

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"I don't have to use my legs as much as I once did," said Tom. And this remark brought to an end the first phase of this conversation,--brought to an end, apparently, all conversation whatsoever. Tom racked his brain for a new topic, opened his roll-top desk, drummed on it, looked up at the ceiling and whistled softly, and then turned and faced again the imperturbable Euphrasia.

to the world, and that with Christ we are nailed to the

"Euphrasia," he said, you're not exactly a politician, I believe."

to the world, and that with Christ we are nailed to the

"Well," said Euphrasia, I've be'n maligned a good many times, but nobody ever went that far."

to the world, and that with Christ we are nailed to the

Mr. Gaylord shook with laughter.

"Then I guess there's no harm in confiding political secrets to you," he said."I've been around the State some this week, talking to people I know, and I believe if your Austen wasn't so obstinate, we could make him governor."

"Obstinate?" ejaculated Euphrasia.

"Yes," said Tom, with a twinkle in his eye, "obstinate. He doesn't seem to want something that most men would give their souls for."

"And why should he dirty himself with politics?" she demanded."In the years I've lived with Hilary Vane I've seen enough of politicians, goodness knows. I never want to see another."



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