and subsequently have taken the town of Newcastle without

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He did not rise, but nodded. Suddenly Austen was enveloped in a flame of wrath that rose without warning and blinded him, and it was with a supreme effort to control himself that he stopped in the doorway. He was frightened, for he had felt this before, and he knew it for the anger that demands physical violence.

and subsequently have taken the town of Newcastle without

"Come in, Mr. Vane," said the president.

and subsequently have taken the town of Newcastle without

Austen advanced to the desk, and laid the boxes before Mr. Flint.

and subsequently have taken the town of Newcastle without

"Mr. Vane told me to say that he would have brought these himself, had it been possible. Here is the list, and I shall be much obliged if you will verify it before I go back."

Austen sat down, with the corner of the desk between them, while Mr. Flint opened the boxes and began checking off the papers on the list.

"How is your father this afternoon?" he asked, without looking up.

"As well as can be expected," said Austen.

"Of course nobody knew his condition but himself," Mr. Flint continued; "but it was a great shock to me- when he resigned as my counsel three days ago."



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