about the middle of some of his native policemen. The fact

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"How can I tell when these idiots will give me any rest?" he asked. He crushed the telegrams again, and came down the room and stopped in front of her. "Perhaps there has been a particular reason why you have not been at home as much as usual."

about the middle of some of his native policemen. The fact

"A particular reason?" she repeated, in genuine surprise.

about the middle of some of his native policemen. The fact

"Yes," he said; "I have been hearing things which, to put it mildly, have astonished me."

about the middle of some of his native policemen. The fact

"Yes," he exclaimed. "I may be busy, I may be harassed by tricksters and bunglers, but I am not too busy not to care something about my daughter's doings. I expect them to deceive me, Victoria, but I pinned my faith somewhere. I pinned it on you. On you, do you understand?"

She raised her head for the first time and looked at him, with her lips quivering. But she did not speak.

"Ever since you were a child you have been everything to me, all I had to fly to. I was always sure of one genuine, disinterested love--and that was yours. I was always sure of hearing the truth from your lips."

He seemed not to hear the agonized appeal in her voice. Although he spoke in his usual tones, Augustus Flint was, in fact, beside himself.

"And now," he said, "and now I learn that you have been holding clandestine meetings with a man who is my enemy, with a man who has done me more harm than any other single individual, with a man whom I will not have in my house--do you understand? I can only say that before to- night, I gave him credit for having the decency not to enter it, not to sit down at my table."



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