do not seem to pull together very well. Sir Garnet seems

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"A little way down the street, on the other side, Dr. Tredway lives. You will see his sign."

do not seem to pull together very well. Sir Garnet seems

"And if he isn't in, go to the hospital. It's only a few doors farther on."

do not seem to pull together very well. Sir Garnet seems

"I'll wait," said Victoria, simply, when he had gone; "my father will wish to know about Mr. Vane."

do not seem to pull together very well. Sir Garnet seems

"Hold on," said Hilary, "I haven't any use for a doctor--I won't see one. I know what the trouble is, and I'm all right."

Victoria became aware--for the first time that Hilary Vane's housekeeper had not moved; that Euphrasia Cotton was still staring at her in a most disconcerting manner, and was paying no attention whatever to Hilary.

"Come in and set down," she said; and seeing Victoria glance at Hilary's horse, she added, "Oh, he'll stand there till doomsday."

Victoria, thinking that the situation would be less awkward, accepted the invitation, and Euphrasia shut the door. The hall, owing to the fact that the shutters of the windows by the stairs were always closed, was in semidarkness. Victoria longed to let in the light, to take this strange, dried-up housekeeper and shake her into some semblance of natural feeling. And this was Austen's home! It was to this house, made gloomy by these people, that he had returned every night! Infinitely depressed, she felt that she must take some action, or cry aloud.

"Mr. Vane," she said, laying a hand upon his shoulder, "I think you ought, at least, to lie down for a little while. Isn't there a sofa in-- in the parlour?" she asked Euphrasia.



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